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Creatine supplements for athletes

Creatine supplements for athletes

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Creatine supplements for athletes -

Even very long-term supplementation with high doses has been investigated and has shown no negative effects in healthy people 2. Creatine does have some side-effects which are worth knowing about.

The most common side effect is weight gain which occurs because creatine causes retention of water in muscles. This side effect varies and not all people experience it, though it is common to gain kg lbs.

Creatine does sometimes cause mild stomach discomfort in some people when taking large doses. However, studies specifically investigating side effects fail to show any more serious side effects such as increased injury risk, dehydration, kidney dysfunction or stomach upset 2.

It can augment increases in muscle mass and strength during resistance training, as well as improve performance in competition 1. In such sports, the increase in body weight is generally not problematic, as the increase in performance more than compensates for the increased body mass.

Such sports that benefit from creatine supplementation include m and m sprints, weightlifting and powerlifting and sprint swimming. Creatine supplementation is beneficial in sports involving intermittent high intensity exercise and has been shown to improve performance of measures like repeated sprint speed and jump height 4.

These benefits are potentially helpful in common team sports like soccer, football or basketball. In these sports, the positive effects of creatine with resistance training on muscle mass and strength may also be beneficial.

Although laboratory-based studies looking at specific measures of power output and speed are improved with creatine supplementation, more sport specific field-based studies of the sports themselves are less likely to see such improvements with creatine supplementation 5.

The positive effects of creatine on performance generally reduce as exercise duration increases. The findings of studies on endurance sports are mixed, though most show no benefit of creatine supplementation Unlike resistance training, supplementing with creatine while doing endurance training has been shown not to improve or enhance adaptations to training 9.

Because creatine supplementation can increase body weight it could be problematic in endurance sports, where an increase in body weight increases energy requirements and requires greater power output. Some studies do show a benefit of creatine supplementation in endurance exercise in lab-based tests 10, For example, many of these studies investigate cycling using stationary bikes, where any increase in body weight is not a factor affecting performance.

Therefore, it is possible that creatine in some scenarios in endurance sports might be beneficial, for example there is often a need for higher power output or speed in the sprint finish at the end of a race, or in a climb during the race.

At these times, phosphocreatine contributes a lot to energy production, and so increased creatine stores may be helpful. However, the increase in body weight that accompanies creatine is sufficient to cancel out the possible small benefits in most scenarios.

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Other research also shows it can improve running sprint performance 9 , Among soccer players, creatine improved 5- and meter sprint speeds. It has also been shown to improve sprint and jumping performance, which may be beneficial in a variety of team sports 12 , Creatine is also one of the best supplements available for strength- and power-based exercise 14 , This is because ATP energy is crucial for these exercises.

They are often short in duration under 30 seconds and performed at a very high intensity. A weight training study found that creatine increased maximum squat and bench press strength Among college football players, creatine improved 6-second sprint performance and total workload during strength training 15 , Another study tested explosive power and weight lifting strength, finding that creatine helped improve explosive jumps and the number of repetitions for bench press The majority of studies show that creatine can improve strength and power, for both athletes and beginners.

While creatine is beneficial for short duration, high intensity exercise, research shows that it has fewer benefits for lower intensity endurance exercise.

A large review of the research also found significant improvements for short duration work, but less of a benefit for endurance exercise Endurance exercises are low in intensity and rely less on rapid ATP regeneration.

However, one possible benefit of creatine is its ability to improve your training sessions, which may improve endurance performance in the long term. In one study, it increased the number of intervals and subsequent amount of training endurance athletes could complete Therefore, creatine may provide a benefit for endurance athletes who include sprints, high intensity intervals, or strength work in their training.

The current short-term research suggests that creatine supplements provide little or no direct benefit to endurance performance. There are several forms of creatine available, some of which are marketed with bold claims that are unsupported by research. The most studied and proven form is creatine monohydrate, with hundreds of studies to support its safety and effectiveness 2 , A loading phase is the fastest way to maximize the amount of creatine in the muscles.

It involves taking a high dose for a few days, and then a lower dose after that This usually means 20—25 grams of creatine per day, in 5-gram doses, for 5—7 days.

Then this is followed with a maintenance dose of 3—5 grams per day 2. Some research has shown that creatine absorption may be improved with protein or carbs, so taking it with a meal may be best To supplement with creatine, take 3—5 grams of creatine monohydrate daily.

One form — creatine monohydrate — has been studied the most extensively. A typical dose is 3—5 grams per day, but you can also take 20 grams for 5 days to rapidly elevate your muscle creatine stores. Creatine has little to no benefit for lower intensity endurance exercise, but it may be beneficial if you also include high intensity exercises in your training.

Additionally, creatine is safe for long-term use. No research has shown any long-term issues in healthy individuals.

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