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Injury prevention in basketball

Injury prevention in basketball

All of these are questions that help Injjury provide an understanding of internal basketnall that can impact the Injury prevention in basketball �Load� that the athlete is experiencing. Like most sports, basketball injuries fall into two distinct categories, acute injuries and chronic injuries. Any age is appropriate for strength training � be sure to load appropriately, safely, and progressively:.


#1 Key to Preventing Injuries-Reduce Risk of Knee Pain, Shin Splints, Achilles and More!

Injury prevention in basketball -

Warming up your body can play a huge role in preventing injury and getting you prepared for practice or a game. Dedicate at least 5 to 10 minutes to your warm up before you start playing. Go on a light jog, or do some gentle dynamic stretches and anything else to prepare your body for activity.

If you have an injury you are recovering from or know that you are prone to a certain type of injury, take this into consideration during your warm-up session. Sports-specific shoes are imperative for injury prevention.

Basketball shoes need to be durable, offer shock absorption, and be extremely supportive. Basketball athletes make quick directional changes and do a lot of jumping and running, so basketball shoes are created to support these activities. The proper footwear can absolutely work to prevent stress fractures, sprains, and other common injuries in the feet and knees.

If your shoes are starting to wear out and become non-supportive, then it is time to invest in a new pair as soon as possible. Building muscle and flexibility is key to preventing injury.

A strength and conditioning regime will help stabilize and strengthen your muscles while also increasing the elasticity of the connective tissue surrounding and connecting the muscle fibers thus reducing the chances of injury.

Adding strength and conditioning exercises into your workout routine will also improve your balance and coordination, increase flexibility and range of motion, and stabilize your joints. Not only will these exercises help prevent injury, but the work you put in will also make you a better, stronger, and more well-rounded basketball player.

Basketball is a sport full of quick motions, changes in direction, and micromovements that can make even the strongest athlete susceptible to injury. Many injuries in basketball stem from improper technique. Practice makes perfect in this sport, so ensure that you are always practicing shooting, dribbling, and all other drills using proper form.

If you feel yourself getting sloppy, it is probably due to overexertion. This is when it is important to take a break and then come back to play when you are able to give proper technique your all.

One of the best things you can do to prevent an injury while playing basketball is to listen to your body. Feeling a little pain? Does something not feel right when you throw the ball or pivot? Feeling exceptionally tired? These are all signs that you need to slow down and take a break.

While you could keep playing through any of the above feelings, you will most likely be aggravating an injury and making it worse. If you take time to tend to your body right away, you can cut down the overall time you need to be on the bench since you will not be making your injury worse.

Warming up allows the body the time it needs to be able to respond to nerve signals for quick and efficient actions. This is imperative for basketball, as it involves quick, high-intensity actions. Maintain a good level of fitness: stay in shape during the off season. Basketball injury prevention begins in the off-season!

Your team will be safest and most prepared by maintaining fitness during the entire year. If needed, you can work with your Sports Medicine team to learn injury prevention exercises for athletes which will be beneficial long-term. Getting ready in advance is a key prevention factor.

In that case, know that you have the support of the experts at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute. When it comes to basketball injuries and treatment, Rothman Orthopaedic Institute offers compassionate and professional help to ensure you make a quick and successful recovery. Always seek the advice of a medical professional for a thorough assessment of the injury and for the best treatment options.

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Christopher C. Dodson, MD April 16th, Protect your team in the upcoming season: Five tips for preventing injuries! What Are the Risks? That being said, common injuries include: Sprained ankles Jammed or broken fingers Ligament injuries in knees Concussions from a fall Rothman Orthopaedic Institute understands that parents and coaches alike are searching for the best advice for the athletes in their lives and want to protect them as much as possible as they pursue sports.

Five Tips for Basketball Injury Prevention According to the National Institutes of Health, sports safety should include the following: Getting a physical: make sure your health is up to par before the start of the season.

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