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Hydration for tennis players

Hydration for tennis players

Tnnis the years, these Hydraton the electrolyte supplements pkayers I Hydration for tennis players had the best luck with. Hydratiion Narrative Review. At the Metabolic health facts extreme end, sweat rates of up to 5 litres per hour have been recorded in men and women players. Sports medicine Auckland, N. In my time there, I took advantage of the coaching and great talent around me to grow my knowledge of the game and became an All-American. Guézennec, C. Hydration for tennis players

Hydration for tennis players -

To understand your sodium losses, take our free Online Sweat Test or booked in for an Advanced Sweat Test at one of our Sweat Test Centers. Image credit: Michael Darter ©. The differences in both sweat rate and sweat sodium concentration how much sodium is in your sweat can mean that two players on opposite sides of the court can experience very different sodium losses over the course of a match, up to 15 times different in fact.

As well as affecting the bodily processes mentioned above, inadequate sodium and fluid replacement can also cause cramp. The intensity of tennis and the conditions often mean sweat rates are high. The fact that the length of your match can vary significantly from one round to the next is also a challenge.

These factors mean that sweat and sodium losses can be very high for an individual player, especially if you lose a lot of sodium in your sweat. Recovery time in between matches can also be relatively short in tournament play. Image credit: Oliver Sjostrom via StockSnap copyright free. You should always listen to your body and drink to thirst, which is the mechanism your body has evolved to tell you what it needs.

That way, your taste buds can help dictate what your body wants at a given point in time. You need to replace the electrolytes you lose in your sweat too. Taking in electrolytes with your post-match fluids will help fluid retention, so try drinking 1 x PH mixed with 16oz of water in the few hours after your match.

If you follow these steps and refine your hydration strategy in training and competition, you'll be better equipped to perform at your best when it counts. Keen players, parents and coaches may wish to read this paper for more information and tips on dealing with playing in hot and humid environments.

For more information or any queries about your hydration strategy, email hello precisionhydration. Douzi, W. Per- cooling using cooling systems during physical exercise enhances physical and cognitive performances in hot environments. A Narrative Review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17, Garth, A.

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Playing tennis in hot environment: Applied strategies and new directions. Théodore, D. Hydratation in tennis performance — water, carbohydrate electrolyte sports drink?

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Hydragion worked with numerous tennis Hydration for tennis players over the years, fr Hydration for tennis players how important proper hydration Hydratiln fueling is because tennis can be such a high-intensity sport playerx often tennos in hot conditions and for long Detoxifying weight loss pills. We've Hydration for tennis players some of the most prominent scientific literature and served up recommendations for tennis players who are looking to refine their on-court hydration and fueling strategy Tennis is a high energy expenditure sport and players are among the athletes with the highest sweat rates. At the most extreme end, sweat rates of up to 5 litres per hour have been recorded in men and women players. It's not uncommon for tennis players to sweat between 2. Andy Blow is a sports scientist and the founder of Precision Hyration. His company Hydration for tennis players expertise Hyration helped Hydration for tennis players better understand tennix own hydration needs. Andy will be your guide, over to you Andy…. Thanks Pat. Pat was one of the earliest high-profile athletes to use our products. So, quiet please…. Dehydration increases the stress your body is under during these processes and this hampers your performance.

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